World Health Organization cites:

"Skin to Skin Contact is the #1 Essential in Newborn Care”

WHO- “Newborns- reducing mortality”

“The support binder is the only special item needed for KMC

It helps mothers hold their babies safely close to their chest”

WHO “A Practical Guide to Kangaroo Mother Care page 14”


Second Skin Swaddle, Our Best Seller

Our Second Skin Swaddle allows you to experience the powerful benefits of skin to skin contact while safely snuggling your baby on your bare chest.  The best gift for a new mom to be.  Or buy for yourself to take to the hospital for the birth of your baby.  Every newborn deserves the advantage provided by skin to skin contact. 

How it all began . . .

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Precious Image Creations, Inc. was originally created to produce fashionable clothing for moms to discreetly nurse their babies.

In 2001 we learned of the benefits of Skin to Skin Contact.  We immediately began to develop garments for Mom to hold her infant Skin-to-Skin, Breastfeed and be hands free.

In 2003 I  met and was mentored by two of the experts in the field of Skin to Skin Contact/Kangaroo Care. I was certified in Kangaroo Care by UISKC and have remained active.

Because of the critical need for Skin to Skin Contact the first week of life, my focus has been to work with Birthing Centers. Our garments have been used by hospitals for over 8 years.


The research and development stemming from these associations has led my company to develop a full line of garments for Skin-to-Skin contact use in L&D, OR, NICU, Postpartum, and the first year of life.

The Second Skin Swaddle is the garment I recommend for all Birthing Centers.  Following information will be attached.




Sylvia Houston
Precious Image Creations

Our Mission Statement: To develop garments for moms to discreetly hold their baby skin to skin, breastfeed and pump hands free

Why is skin-to-skin important?

There is a growing body of evidence that skin -to-skin contact after birth helps babies and their moms. Skin to skin contact, aka, "kangaroo care" helps the baby to adjust to life outside the womb and is highly important for supporting mothers to initiate breastfeeding and to develop a close, loving relationship with their baby.

It helps the baby to adjust to life outside the womb and is highly important for supporting mothers to initiate breastfeeding and to develop a close, loving relationship with their baby.

What is skin-to-skin contact?

Skin-to-skin contact is usually referred to as the practice where a baby is dried and laid directly on their mother’s bare chest after birth, both of them covered in a warm blanket and left for at least an hour or until after the first feed.


Skin-to-skin contact can also take place any time a baby needs comforting or calming and to help boost a mother’s milk supply. Skin-to-skin contact is also vital in neonatal units, where it is often known as ‘kangaroo care’, helping parents to bond with their baby, as well as supporting better physical and developmental outcomes for the baby.

Skin to Skin, It's not too late

It is not too late to start skin to skin with baby. Babies benefit from skin to skin contact with their mothers at any time after birth – even months later. Ideally, skin to skin starts immediately after birth, but it is better late than never.

Some of the benefits of skin to skin contact are as follows:

  • It helps regulate the infant’s heartbeat and body temperature.

  • It helps normalize breathing patterns.

  • It builds up the infant’s immunity.

  • It keeps the infant’s blood sugar at normal levels.

  • It stimulates a part of the newborn’s brain that takes the baby to establish a normal pattern of behavior.



Improves Brain Function

Decreases number of infections

Babies latch on and feed better

Happier, calmer, less stressed

Babies rarely cry

Improves heart rate, respiratory and gastrointestinal function

Helps to regulate temperature and blood sugar


Increased rate of successful breastfeeding 

Reduce maternal stress and postpartum depression.

Promotes parent-baby bonding

Increased milk production

Decreased pain and faster expulsion of placenta

Increased confidence in care of baby


This book will give you in-depth information about the research that has been done and the findings discovered regarding skin to skin care for your baby.  Includes instructions on how to properly administry "skin to skin" holding of your baby.  


Sylvia has designed skin to skin apparel for new mothers to hold their babies skin to skin.  Her line of apparel is used in hospitals., are soft, comfortable and easy to wear.  You and your baby will enjoy wearing Sylvia's line of clothing.  


Visit the blog section to find articles, about mom, dad's, families and their experiences with skin to skin contact, as well as research material and other resources to make the experience rewarding and beneficial.  

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