Second Skin Swaddle Image from You Tube.
According to the World Health Organization "Skin-to-skin contact is the #1 essential in newborn care . . . the only thing mom needs is a support binder/swaddle"

Our Second Skin Swaddle

fashion that functions and holds baby close

We have over 20 years experience providing high-quality and proven to be safe skin-to-skin garments for mom's and their babies


Improves Brain Function

Decreases number of infections

Babies latch on and feed better

Happier, calmer, less stressed

Babies rarely cry

Improves heart rate, respiratory and gastrointestinal function

Helps to regulate temperature and blood sugar


Increased rate of successful breastfeeding 

Reduce maternal stress and postpartum depression.

Promotes parent-baby bonding

Increased milk production

Decreased pain and faster expulsion of placenta

Increased confidence in care of baby