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  • Labor and Delivery
  • Postpartum
  • Moderate Hold
  • Hands Free Hold
  • Pumping Hands Free
  • For Dad’s


Versatile and Easy to Use

Holds your baby up to 18 pounds

  • You can pump hands free with or without you baby
  • Flex fit fabric adjusts for the size of the baby
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Water friendly fabric
  • Small enough to carry in purse
  • Dads and caregivers can also can wear the Swaddle


Safety guidelines:

· Always have baby’s face kissable and visible

· Newborn positioned with knees above hips

· Baby’s head in line with his body

· Head turned to the side flat on mom’s chest

· NICU infant may need to be placed on his side for first days

· Head and neck secured




Second Skin Swaddle

  • Mom's T Shirt Size Second Skin Swaddle
    2 to 6 XS
    8 to 10 S
    12 to 14 M
    16 to 18 L
    20 to 24 XL


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