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This versatile top is one of all Moms’ favorites. Enjoy the benefits of skin-to-skin care with this great top, while discreetly nursing your baby. It transitions beautifully as baby gets bigger for continued nursing and allows you to pump hands free! 

This is our most popular item! It looks unbelievable, but it’s true!

  • Hands free pumping
  • Built in Nursing bra
  • Inner Pouch for baby
  • Discreet Breastfeeding
  • Skin to Skin Holding
  • Adjustable straps
  • Flex Fit Fabric

A must-have for the new Mom. The contoured shelf bra lowers for full access to the breast. The inner pouch will hold the baby up to 15 lbs.


“I heard about your Miracle Cami from a local Lactation Consultant. I was planning to have my daughter four weeks early, but they have changed it to two weeks early. I am SO excited to try this new shirt with her, even in the hospital! I received mine today and I absolutely love it. It is so soft and I am really excited about the length of it. I have a long torso, and really do not like to have my belly exposed! Thank you for such an innovative product. I plan to share the website with other pregnant/nursing moms! Thank you so much!”
Amanda Stanfield, Ohio



Miracle Cami

  • Size Size Equivalent Up to Cup-Bust
    XS 4 D
    S 6 to 8 DD
    M 10 to 12 DD
    L 14 to 16 H
    XL 18 H
    XXL 20 to 22 H


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